Expert in Frontend UI/UX

More than 15 years of experience to Design & Develop a creative and an innovative Frontend and UI/UX including Responsive Web Design, Angular (2 to 15+), TypeScript, Bootstrap, Accessibility, JQuery, AJAX, JSON, LESS, SASS, PWA, HTML5 and CSS3.

Wide experience of Angular/.Net

21+ years of top level experience of Angular, C#, ASP.NET, MVC, Blazor, Razor, TypeScript, WebAPI, Bootstrap, AJAX, JSON, Obserable, RxJs jQuery, VB.NET, SQL, WebAPI, EF, WCF, NuGet, UI/UX, PWA and Responsive Web Design.

Creative and Innovative

Designed, Architected, Developed and Successfully completed numerous creative, complex and innovative projects as an Engineer/Architect capacity using Microsoft’s Cutting Edge technologies including OOD, OOP, DRY, IID and RAD Architect Methodology.

Screenshots from some of my projects:

  • Angular 7+ : User Profile

    Angular 7+, Bootstrap 4+ online application with 12 themes and much more.

    Angular 7+ : Movie Review

    Angular 7+, Bootstrap 4+ with 3rd party obserable service and bootstarp 4 card

    Angular 7+ : Material Drag and Drop

    Angular 7+, Bootstrap 4+, Material 7, CDK, Materila Card Deshboard with Drag and Drop Card /p>

  • Angular 5.2.5 QuickStart App

    Angular 5.2.5 and Bootstap 4 with mosta of basic requirments for full download

    Angular 4 App Download

    School 360 : Angular 4 and Bootstap 4 Application with CRUD functinality for full download

    Angular 4 Firebase App Download

    Angular 4, Bootstap 4 and Firebase application for full download

  • Angular 5+ Sample Application

    Angular 5+ samples Listing at Top mega menu of application.

    Angular 5+ Sample Application

    Angular 5+ dashboard example, 1 to n relation rendring and interaction.

    Angular 5+ Sample Application

    Angular 5+ interactive Graph example.

  • MVC Dashboard

    MVC application for a B2B Dashboard with interactive menu and key indicator charts.

    MVC Application

    MVC application for a B2B Dashboard with interactive menu and google map

    MVC Admin System

    A portal for all business activity and adman management.

  • MVC RWD Workspace

    Rich text editor at job seeker dashboard.

    MVC RWD Job Search Engine

    MVC based job portal application with criteria for job search.

    MVC RWD Job Portal

    MVC based job portal application for job hunting activity.

  • MVC download application

    MVC 5 + Razor + Bootstrap 3.2 application to download.

    Employee Training Management System

    MVC 5 + Razor + Bootstrap 3.2 application to download.

    ETMS – A MVC download application

    MVC 5 + Razor + Bootstrap 3.2 application to download.

  • MVC 5 + Razor 3 Application

    MVC 5 + Razor 3 + LESS + RWD + Angular JS Online application

    Online MVC 5 + RWD website

    MVC 5 + Razor 3 + LESS + RWD + Angular JS Online application

    Online MVC 5 + LESS Application

    6 LESS theme - MVC 5 + Razor 3 + RWD + Angular JS Online application

Expert in Frontend UI/UX:

  • 15+ Years of strong Front End, UI, and UX Design experience including the development of reusable generic code, widgets, and components.
  • 9+ Years of archtect level experiance with Angular 2 to 15+, Angular 1.x, Typescript, Obserable, Promise and WebAPI
  • 13+ Years of UI / UX Archtect and Design Expriance with AngularJS, RxJs, PWA, RWD, AJAX, JSON, MVC, RAZOR, BLAZOR, Blazor Studio, LESS, SASS, HTML5 and CSS3 as an Engineer/Architect capacity.
  • 10+ Years of experiance with MVC, .Net Core, Web API, WCF, EF, Razor, Blazor, Angular, Mobile First. RWD and Bootstrape 5/4/3.x to designe and develope a Frontend.
  • 22+ Years of wide experiance of .NET Core, .Net, C#, VB.NET, JavaScript, HTML, MVC, Razor, Blazor, SQL Server and CSS.
  • Highly expert to design and develop a creative and unique frontend design and multiple themes using latest cutting edge technologies.

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Wide experience of Angular and .Net:

  • 21+ Years of strong experiance with Angular, TypeScript, Mobile First & RWD, PWA, .Net, MVC, C#, WebAPI, Obserable, JavaScript, CSS, SQL Server and RDBMS.
  • Demonstrated ability to complete all phases of the project cycle, including analysis, architect, design, mentor, functionality, integration, deployment, testing and support.
  • Total Experiance IT experiance: 16+ Years of USA, 6 Years of Canada, 9+ Years of India.
  • 5+ Years of state and county Government Experience.
  • 7+ Years of Finance and Stock industry Experience (passed 20+ years background checks).
  • Results oriented and a proven ability to meet project deadlines and find solutions to challenges. Very well organized, creative thinker, self-starter and quick learner.
  • MCSD and MCSE certified.
  • Top-level 5 Certificates for Accessibility of Documents, Web Applications, and Mobile Applications from the Deque University.

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Creative and Innovative:

  • Designed and developed various creative, innovative and unique successful solution for various project as an Engineer/Architect capacity.
  • 22+ years of wide experience of North America (USA – 16+ and Canada – 6) to work on enterprise level complex and high volume project to create robust, high performance, high secure, cutting edge solution.
  • 15+ years of experience to create a innovative and creative user interface (UI/UX) with Mobile Firest based responsive design as an Engineer/Architect capacity.
  • Expert with OOD, OOP, DRY, IID and RAD Architect Methodology.
  • Highly expert in Accessibility Web applicant and Mobile application development
  • Always updated with the latest and cutting edge technologies which are for productivity, modernization and next generation web application development.

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Recently updated skills:

  • Angular 15+ with Modual Loader, API System and Standalone Component
  • RxJs 7.5+ with Compleax Obserable
  • TypeScript 4.8+
  • Firebase cloud database with complex query
  • Visual Studio 2022 with .Net Core 7 and all new NuGet Packages
  • Blazor, Blazor Studio and Razor Component with MVC
  • Material & CDK 15 with MDC Implementation and Migration
  • Figma and Sketch for UI & UX Desiegn
  • SQL Server 2019
  • PWA : Progressive Web App
  • Accessibility for Web Applications and Mobile Applications

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